Let's Slow Down...

...Or why we take 21 days to put your home on the market

Once you have decided to put your home on the market, many estate agents will endeavour to get your home onto Rightmove as soon as possible – perhaps even the same day you instruct them. After all, if they have their camera with them, then why not?

If you believe in the value of craftsmanship (as we do), you’ll no doubt appreciate things that take a little longer (or a lot longer) to be brought into being. Just as fine wines, Scotch whiskey and Michelangelo’s ceiling were not created in a day, one of our beautiful, bespoke brochures takes time, care and lots of love to create.

Every element of our brochures is crafted using the very best expertise we have found. Our attention to detail and obsession for perfection over every page means that it may take three weeks, four weeks or longer to lovingly bring your home to market. There are no shortcuts. This is the very best bespoke marketing you will ever see of your home. And it’s worth the wait.

Let us take you through each of the elements of our unique bespoke marketing, and how they all fit together to make the work of art that is one of our magazine-style home brochures:

Our Bespoke Marketing

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Lifestyle Photography

To paraphrase a well-known high street brand: “These aren’t just images; they are AshdownJones images.” Some estate agents may invest in a quality camera; some may even use a professional photographer. But our images are really on another level.
Look at how on one image, you can see every feature of a beautiful sitting room, whilst still being able to see the view in crisp and clear detail. That takes a wealth of experience and a deep well of technical know-how. See too how another image highlights flickering candles around a gently bubbling bath. That requires insight and an understanding of the lifestyle a buyer aspires to.

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Home Styling

Some homes need a little assistance to show off their very best assets and features. But we know not everyone has a ready supply of the accessories that can add that polish to a room for the photos. We love plain bedding, pale cushions and sumptuous throws. So we bring these items with us on your photoshoot - plus lots of little accessories that we can use if we need them. We even bring a bouquet of flowers (and leave them for our client, of course), so they don’t have to remember to buy them for the shoot.



Poetic Descriptions

Your home deserves to be described in the best way, with the right words. Words that are evocative, beautiful and compelling.

A house is not just bricks and mortar; it’s a home; a family; a dream. It’s full of memories for the seller and hopes for the buyer. We use a talented copywriter who will spend time talking to you about your home, and what it offers a buyer. The result is a narrative that will capture a buyer’s imagination and compel them to come to see your home for themselves.

Magazine Style Brochures


Magazine-style Brochures

Once we have the most perfect images and visual brand of your home, it’s time for our talented designers to get to work, designing a brochure worthy of your home. Together with our client, we decide what size and shape of brochure will suit your home, how many pages it will have, where the key features will be highlighted and the overall style of the pages. You see, every one of our brochures is crafted especially for a particular home. The attention to detail harmonises with a deep understanding of what it means to live in your home, resulting in a breathtakingly beautiful brochure that is so special, you’ll want to keep it forever.

Bespoke For Sale Board


Bespoke For Sale Board

If you haven’t yet seen one of our unique for sale boards, you’re in for a treat. Because our boards feature something very special; the home they are selling. After all, we’ve never understood why estate agents choose to use their for sale boards to sell themselves, and not the house they are advertising. Instead, we choose to showcase your home, so that every passer-by can see from your board what they may not be able to see from the road; how your home looks at twilight, for example, or from above, or even what a special kitchen it has.

What makes a unique house sell quickly in the Lake District?

If you ask most people this question, they’ll answer “price”. If the price is low enough, then yes, the house will most likely sell quickly. But how do you sell a premium unique house quickly, for the value it is worth?

Fell View House – sold for £100k over asking price in four days.

Set in its own private wrap-around grounds, with fells to one side and lake to the other, we knew our marketing for Fell View House had to be truly remarkable and unique – and it was.

At AshdownJones, we create bespoke marketing for unique homes like yours. Marketing that exposes your property to your ideal buyer and makes them fall in love with your home. This should be a decision made first with the heart, not the head.

You may be surprised to know that we don’t charge anything for our bespoke brochures: they are simply part of the service we offer to owners of unique properties.

What would a bespoke brochure look like for your home? We have all different shapes and sizes – depending on the owner's wishes.

An initial consultation with us is complimentary and is an opportunity for you to see how we sell unique homes like yours. This will be the time to ask any questions you may have.

Beautiful 'Brackenfield'

We have just sold a property near Troutbeck, that had previously been on the market for over three years. We put the price up slightly, dramatically changed the marketing – and sold it in 10 days. Here’s what the owners thought:

“Wow – this has got to be your biggest achievement to date! We believed in AshdownJones but having been on the market for so long previously, we expected it to take a lot longer! Thank you”

Mr and Mrs Stoney can now move south and will be able to watch their grandson play football every week.

Let's have a cup of tea (hopefully Yorkshire) and a chat? Call us on 015394 88811 or drop us an email on team@ashdownjones.co.uk and we hope to see you very soon.

Sam Ashdown and Phil Jones

Malt House - previously marketed for 18 months, sold in 1 week with us.

My name is Jim Watson and along with my wife Karen, we were co-owners of the The Malt House.

We first put this up for sale in February 2018 and for the following 18 months we had little interest and no offers. We had the house for sale with a local agent, recommended by a friend, who offered us a very low commission rate.

After 18 months, my wife was very keen to move to another agent and Ashdown Jones was recommended as the best for “high value, difficult to sell” homes.

Their commission rate was over double our previous agent, and I must admit to being very sceptical about this.

My opinion was all agents were the same, all used Rightmove/Zoopla etc, and all had local knowledge.

We had a visit from Phil Jones and Sam Ashdown who advised us on how to present and dress the house for sale, and also convinced me to give them a try despite the higher commission.

Quite simply, the house was sold at FULL PRICE within one week.

It proved to me the old adage that “you get what you pay for”.

Ashdown Jones did in one week what the other agent failed to do in 18 months.

For us, the results speak for themselves.

Hear Callum and Rachel's story...

Our fees: let's keep it simple

Whilst the other local agents choose not to publish their selling fees, we believe in absolute transparency. The downside for us is that the other agents may use this information to undercut our fees. The upside for you is that you know exactly what you will get with us.

We will only charge you a percentage fee on the successful sale of your property.

Our fee: 1.5% on selling (plus vat)

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