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Everything you need to know about selling your home, in one handy place. Tips and advice about how to select the right time to sell your home, how to choose the best pricing strategy, step-by-step guides to style every room for photography and viewings, and how to choose the right estate to sell your home.


Everyone says they love our home… so why hasn’t it sold?

If your home is for sale, weekends can often be a whirlwind of tidying, vacuuming and sending the kids out to walk the dog, so that your home looks at its very best…

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Congratulations! You’ve found us

Thirteen years ago, Sam Ashdown was scratching her head. Living in leafy Cheshire at the time, she noticed there were some really lovely properties on the market…

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When every penny counts

Are you downsizing? If you’re at that time of your life when you’re currently rattling around in a house that’s too big for you, that is consuming more time, effort and money…

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