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Everything you need to know about selling your home, in one handy place. Tips and advice about how to select the right time to sell your home, how to choose the best pricing strategy, step-by-step guides to style every room for photography and viewings, and how to choose the right estate to sell your home.

Meet the Land Girls

Meet the Land Girls Superheroes live amongst us. Disguised behind their alter-ego titles of ‘wife’, ‘mother’, ‘daughter’ and ‘farmer’, these entrepreneurial women are hard at…

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What to do before a viewing – our six time-saving tips on how to prepare for viewings

When it comes to selling your house, the viewer becomes the VIP. Here, we help you prepare for that all-important ‘state visit’. We all have…

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No viewings? – your home saleability checklist

We often visit people who have been trying to sell for a long time, without success. And we know how disappointing it can be to…

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Home styling for summer

The sun is shining, the grass is green and the scent of wanderlust is in the air. If you’ve chosen summer as the season to…

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How many estate agents should you use to sell your home?

Should you use more than one estate agent to sell your home? This is a question we often get when someone has tried to sell…

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Successful downsizing – our complete guide

If you’re now or soon to be an empty nester, why waste money on space you don’t need? If it’s just you and your other…

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How the right music can help you sell your home

Playing music to put someone in the mood for buying isn’t new.  Retailers use it, hotels and even hairdressers employ background music to influence our…

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When should you invite an estate agent to see your home?

If you’re having conversations with your nearest and dearest about the possibility of selling your home, and moving on, how do you decide when to…

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Your total floor area – make every square foot count

Let’s talk about the floor area of your house. We’ve been to a couple of homes recently where they have at least one or two…

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