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Everything you need to know about selling your home, in one handy place. Tips and advice about how to select the right time to sell your home, how to choose the best pricing strategy, step-by-step guides to style every room for photography and viewings, and how to choose the right estate to sell your home.


Your total floor area – make every square foot count

Let’s talk about the floor area of your house. We’ve been to a couple of homes recently where they have at least one or two…

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Struggling to sell? Our guide to help you move on successfully

When you have your home up for sale, time seems to stand still. You’re in limbo, caught between your old life, and your new one,…

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The Three ‘P’s’ of Selling Your Home: Price, Promotion, and Presentation

Has selling your home turned out to be more difficult than you had hoped? There’s no doubt that it’s frustrating when your little corner of…

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Essential home styling accessories for selling your home

If you’re serious about selling your home, you know it needs to look just right. Before the door is opened, and potential buyers are welcomed…

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Your home’s floor area – make every inch count

In the past, you wouldn’t expect to find the total floor area on property details here in the UK. But with increasing competition, we estate…

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Why are you moving? Your ‘why’ behind your home move

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Dress your home to impress your viewers

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How to give buyers the Lake District cottage of their dreams

When you’re selling your old holiday cottage, you may know it needs a bit of TLC to get the best price, but you don’t want…

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Finding the right estate agent: The search begins

When the time comes to find an estate agent, you’re spoilt for choice. Almost too much choice. Experience, skills and services differ drastically from agent…

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