Congratulations! You’ve found us

Congratulations! You’ve found us blogpost by AshdownJones estate agents in the Lakes and Dales

Congratulations! You’ve found us.

We love new visitors at AshdownJones – come on in, step inside…

We want to tell you a story…

Thirteen years ago, Sam Ashdown was scratching her head. Living in leafy Cheshire at the time, she noticed there were some really lovely properties on the market, but that they were so poorly marketed. She couldn’t understand how the estate agents – some of them nationally known – could take unflattering photographs, write uninspiring descriptions, and upload blurry floor plans. She knew she could do better, and there and then, launched the first (and still, the only) website totally dedicated to helping homeowners sell their houses more effectively.

HomeTruths was born.

And born out of a deep desire to help frustrated sellers to move on – in every way that someone can move on.

Over the next decade, Sam and her small team of consultants helped almost 1000 homeowners to sell. Some had been on the market for 5, 6 or even 7 years. ^^^^^^ To each selling challenge, she presented a bespoke marketing plan, with the best photography, elegant copywriting, gorgeous brochures and the kind of Rightmove advert that makes a buyer click eagerly.

And it worked. Sam got famous! She was featured in the Sunday Times, Telegraph and House Beautiful, on BBC1’s Property Ladder and on Radio 4’s You and Yours.

Her unique approach has even been written about in marketing books, like John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Selling.

Soon, Sam was being contacted by estate agents all over the UK, and even internationally. They wanted her to help them improve their marketing, and to train their staff to better serve their clients.

Now Sam works with a small and select number of estate agency clients each year, to help them be the very best in each of their areas. Working with only small local independent agents (the ones Sam calls The small and the brave,) means they truly care about their clients, their teams, and also their communities. And those are values Sam holds dear.

Now, a new age of estate agency is dawning (drum roll) and Sam wants to be at the forefront of this new era. Together with her co-director Phil Jones, they introduce a new, innovative bespoke estate agency to the Lake District.

Phil is a local guy, born and bred, knows the area like the back of his hand, and has a dogged determination to go above and beyond (and under and round) for our clients. A complete whizz with numbers, he really knows his stuff, and can tell you the detail (if you’re interested) of every sale, and each square footage of all your competitors’ properties. He is also terrifically tenacious about getting your offer through to a successful sale, no matter what it takes. When you’re selling your Lake District home, Phil is absolutely, definitely, someone you want in your corner.

Add Phil’s data superpowers to Sam’s experience and know-how of creating bespoke marketing plans for 1000 homes, and hundreds of estate agents, this new estate agency is going to be something very special indeed.

After all, the time has finally come for Sam to put her money where her mouth is!

So if you would describe yourself as innovative, bold and a little (or a lot) rebellious, AshdownJones could be the agent you’ve been imagining.

If you’re looking for safe, established and traditional, we are not the agent for you.

We charge a little more, and give a whole lot more.

We look at your home differently, and showcase it according to its unique personality.

We are selective – we only want to take on your home if we are convinced we can sell it for the price you want in 12 weeks or less.

If you’re still reading, then maybe you are our kind of seller. Let’s see if yours is an AshdownJones property.

Ready to take the next step? Deep breath….. and call 07812794967

We’re waiting :o)

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