Our Story

Our Story

Sam square

Sam Ashdown

Co-founder (and fearless disruptor)

Hi, I’m Sam

In 2004, I founded www.home-truths.co.uk - a website dedicated to helping homeowners sell more effectively.

Since then, I’ve helped over 1000 people to move on with their lives, by selling at the price they want. From prime central London townhouses, to Welsh cottages, York apartments, coastal retreats and Surrey mansions. By working in diverse markets and geographical areas, I’ve perfected a marketing formula that has been tested over and over - one that is much more successful than a standard estate agent marketing strategy.

I’m proud to have been featured in the national press, including the Sunday Times, Bricks and Mortar, The Telegraph and House Beautiful. I’ve also been on BBC1’s Homes Under the Hammer, and Radio 4’s You and Yours.

I’m also an expert home mover! Currently living in my 45th home, in Staveley, with my Border collie Georgie and grown-up son.

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Phil Jones

Co-founder (and the brains behind the brand)

Hello, I’m Phil

I am a Lakes man born and bred. Having spent time in Accountancy and Financial Planning I came to realise that I didn’t want my days to be spent in front of a screen and instead sought out more of a customer-facing role. Having spent some years with a national energy company and developing properties, I have seen some beautiful Lake District homes. This piqued my interest in the property market, and after some lengthy discussions with Sam, we began working together along side various independent agents nationwide. During this time, we felt the Lake District homes needed better marketing, so we launched AshdownJones.

My competitive nature means I am determined to get to a win-win for you, the seller, as well as us at AshdownJones.

At home, I have a beautiful wife called Molly and a future Carlisle Utd player called Noah.

Hannah square

Hannah Julian

Client Executive / Chief Happiness Officer

“I love working for Ashdown Jones because it doesn’t feel like work! I love what I do because the atmosphere is both energising and comforting in equal measure. My last job was as a restaurant manager and was stressful as well as quite lonely. Now I love being part of such a close team. I have a 3-year-old son and the directors and my co-workers are very understanding of my family needs. We all help each other out through work and personal life and I will forever be grateful of this opportunity.”

Tess square

Tess Bridge

Client Executive / Assistant Happiness Officer

“I love the AshdownJones team as they’re all my family! Working with my mum and brother-in-law sounds like a recipe for disaster but actually it makes work so enjoyable as I always feel comfortable and so looked after. Being in a close team makes it easy to ask anyone for help and I can always rely on the team for anything. We socialise, chat outside work and feel like a big family. Everyone loves coming to work together and because we are happy and relaxed, it makes our clients feel happy and relaxed too.”

Bex square

Rebecca Williamson


“I first started at AshdownJones as an office manager but Sam and Phil recognised my creativity and quickly moved me into a design role, which I love. The directors really care about our wellbeing, not just in our work life, but in our personal life too. When I told Sam and Phil I really wanted to take time off to do some long-awaited travelling, they assured me they would keep my job open as long as I liked, and I was really happy to come back two months later. It made me feel very valued and appreciated, and I honestly feel like the whole AJ team has become like a second family to me!”

Lois square

Lois Clifton

Office Manager

“I knew I wanted to work for AshdownJones the minute I walked into the office for my very informal interview which was really just a friendly chat. I was greeted so warmly and felt at ease almost immediately. Not easy for a nervous, hopeful new team member! Yet Sam and Phil achieved just that. I also feel that there’s nothing hidden when it’s such a close-knit family business. Everything is transparent and open which means everyone is authentic and you really want success for each other. When friend ask about my job I can’t help but feel quite smug when I tell them!”

Tilly square

Tilly Henshall Davis

Digital Marketing Executive

“I came to AshdownJones through an introduction with my mum Greer and had very limited digital knowledge, leaving me terrified to start a job I knew nothing about. That fear soon faded as Sam, Phil and the rest of the AshdownJones family made me instantly feel at ease, welcoming me into such an uplifting team. I now look forward to an exciting future with the company!”

Naomi square

Naomi Clifton

Business Development Executive

“From the moment that Lois (my sister) and I were interviewed together, I knew that this was the kind of place that really cared about the person first. Finding a business that recognised the benefits of family working together was music to my ears! Lois and I both have a young daughter, and Sam and Phil are fully understanding of our childcare needs. As a working mum, it’s a relief to be so supported, and along with a host of other great values, this makes working for AshdownJones both inspiring and fun!”

Noah square

Noah Jones

Group CEO & Chief Toy Tester
Rosie square

Rosie Jones

Head of Giggles
George square


Office Dog