Your Rightmove Statistics – Why They Matter

beautiful hallway with side table Your Rightmove statistics

Is your estate agent sending you your Rightmove report and leaving you baffled? Are you looking at the results and feeling none the wiser? Relax, we’re here to explain all…. When your house is for sale on Rightmove, statistics about who’s looking and clicking are compiled behind the scenes, and we estate agents have access…Read More→

Tips for selling a unique or unusual home

Tips for selling

If you’re trying to sell a unique or unusual home and you’re just not getting any takers, perhaps it’s simply that you haven’t found that unique or unusual buyer yet. After all, the house that’s quirky and not to everyone’s taste needs a buyer who loves it for its quirks, not in spite of them….Read More→

Should you change your kitchen when you’re selling your house?

Should you change your kitchen when you’re selling your house

Here’s a question we get asked a lot at AshdownJones. Followed by ‘should we change our bathroom?’ and ‘is this carpet ok?’ Of course, it’s not easy to generalise when we haven’t been invited to see your house (hint, hint). But we can give you some typical answers that you may want to confirm with…Read More→