Why are you moving? Your ‘why’ behind your home move

bed with floral pillows and wallpaper Why are you moving Why are you moving

Sharing with your estate agent your ‘why’ behind your decision for moving home will almost always help you to move on, because if they know the circumstances behind your decision to sell, and understand your motivations for the change, they will be in a better position to advise you at every step, so you get…Read More→

How to give buyers the Lake District cottage of their dreams

beautiful cottage at twilight The Lake District cottage

When you’re selling your old holiday cottage, you may know it needs a bit of TLC to get the best price, but you don’t want to overspend. A little investment in the right areas can help you wow your buyers, instead of sending them running back to town. Your lovely Lake District cottage won’t make…Read More→

Finding the right estate agent: The search begins

Outside a beautiful home with brick walls Finding the right estate agent

When the time comes to find an estate agent, you’re spoilt for choice. Almost too much choice. Experience, skills and services differ drastically from agent to agent, and sometimes, it’s difficult to know what you’re actually looking for. So, if you’ve found yourself drowning in information, don’t fret. We’re here to help you take a…Read More→

The unique agent, for unique homes

big house with huge lawn The unique agent

Unique homes are a joy. They’re different, unusual and characterful, but when the time comes to sell, they require extra special marketing too. And that makes choosing between a traditional estate agent, and an innovative alternative, a little tricky. Both tick boxes, but choosing just one feels like a compromise. And no one really likes…Read More→

Spring into action to sell your home

Sunny porch with beautiful flowers and great view Spring into action to sell your home

The dark, wet (very!) days of winter are behind us, and Spring is newly sprung. It’s that time where traditionally, sellers think about selling, and buyers think about buying. On the plus side, this means plenty of activity, but it also can mean a lot of competition, with lots of other properties all fighting for…Read More→

Why isn’t my home selling?

Why isn’t my home selling_

The decision to move home is exciting. Perhaps you’ve bookmarked your dream property on Rightmove, and you’re longing to call it home. Or maybe you’re trying to sell your rentals to boost your retirement pot. Whatever your reasons for selling, prolonging the move gets tiresome fast. But when the ‘For Sale’ sign in your front…Read More→

Seven Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time To Sell Your Home

Spring is the best time to sell your home

Some think Summer is the best time to move, others favour Autumn. Everyone avoids Winter. Us? We like all seasons, but Spring has distinct ‘new beginnings’ feel. The statistics agree, and suggest that the period between February and June is the best time to sell your home. So since we’re pretty much in the middle…Read More→

The best improvements to help you sell your Lake District home

living room with white sofa Selling Your Lake District Home

Are you wondering about improving, or moving? Do you find yourself browsing kitchen or bathroom brochures, and dreaming of new tiles or taps? Perhaps you’ve always wanted a red kitchen, but you’re worried about the effect it will have on your home sale value, even if you’re not really planning on moving any time in…Read More→

When is the right time to sell?

Hallway with wooden staircase When is the right time to sell?

It’s Saturday morning, and the Moving House Monster rears his ugly head again. Not quite good enough to stay, but not quite bad enough to move, you sigh as you shake the thought of him away. You head to the master bathroom, but it’s locked. Downstairs is taken too. If only you had an en-suite….Read More→

Home styling tips for selling

table with vase full of flowers Home styling tips for selling

Helping another family fall in love with your home isn’t the most romantic concept. And the path to hanging a sold sign isn’t quite as straightforward as whitewashing the walls magnolia. Stripping every room of personality, and presenting a blank canvas to new families, seems logical; but sterile spaces aren’t appealing, and existing in a…Read More→

Your Rightmove Statistics – Why They Matter

beautiful hallway with side table Your Rightmove statistics

Is your estate agent sending you your Rightmove report and leaving you baffled? Are you looking at the results and feeling none the wiser? Relax, we’re here to explain all…. When your house is for sale on Rightmove, statistics about who’s looking and clicking are compiled behind the scenes, and we estate agents have access…Read More→

Tips for selling a unique or unusual home

Tips for selling

If you’re trying to sell a unique or unusual home and you’re just not getting any takers, perhaps it’s simply that you haven’t found that unique or unusual buyer yet. After all, the house that’s quirky and not to everyone’s taste needs a buyer who loves it for its quirks, not in spite of them….Read More→

Should you change your kitchen when you’re selling your house?

Should you change your kitchen when you’re selling your house

Here’s a question we get asked a lot at AshdownJones. Followed by ‘should we change our bathroom?’ and ‘is this carpet ok?’ Of course, it’s not easy to generalise when we haven’t been invited to see your house (hint, hint). But we can give you some typical answers that you may want to confirm with…Read More→