Do you have a unique home in the Lake District?

AshdownJones buyers are looking for unique homes in the Lake District, and to immerse themselves in the lifestyle your home offers. From chocolate-box cottages to sleek architect-designed homes, we’re looking for interesting properties that inspire us to join our portfolio.

We don’t have a minimum home value; we just need to feel excited about your home. If we’re excited to take it on, we know our buyers will be too.

Our aim is to offer our buyers a truly special home buying experience whilst they choose their next home, whether it’s for them to live in permanently, or to use as their own home-from-home in the Lakes.

Whatever it is that has motivated you to explore opening the doors of your home to a potential buyer, we’re glad that you’re considering us in your plans.

If you are already marketing your home – either independently or with another agency – it’s worth finding out how we might be able to make your home sale work better for you.

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The very best homes, in the very best places, in our wonderful Lake District

When you think about selling your home, these three questions may be on your mind:
1. When will it sell?
2. How much will it sell for?
3. How much hassle will it be for me?

What we have discovered from helping over one thousand homeowners since 2004 is that the quicker your home sells, the higher price you will ultimately achieve. Usually, this also means less hassle for you and your family.

What stops a property selling quickly?

If you ask most estate agents why a house hasn’t sold, they will usually cite asking price as the main cause. But is that the whole picture? What about all the other factors that determine whether or not a property will sell, how quickly and for what price?

Compiling thousands of statistics, looking at hundreds of case studies and many many hours of research, we have created a definitive list of The Six Saleability Factors: the crucial elements that affect the saleability of your home – in other words, how quickly a property will sell and the price it will sell for.