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Name your photos on Rightmove blogpost by AshdownJones estate agents in the Lakes and Dales

When you’re browsing Rightmove, and clicking on properties that catch your eye, have you found that some property listings have photos you can’t identify? Even more confusing is when the estate agent uploads them with little regard to the natural flow of the house, with perhaps a photo of the kitchen first, then a bedroom, then back to the kitchen, then an unidentified room….. It can be very muddling indeed to get a feel for the house.

We find it much clearer to upload our property photos in the order you would see the rooms if you were viewing the house, in their natural order. Starting perhaps with the front shot, moving into the hallway, then onto the living room, and maybe the kitchen; so all the downstairs photos are grouped neatly together before we show you the upstairs. Isn’t that easier to understand?

What we also do to help you identify which photograph belongs with which room, is we name our images, then make sure these match the floorplan. So you’ll see one photo might be named, ‘snug’, and if you look at the floorplan, you can see straight away where the snug is.

It’s especially helpful when you have one of our magazine-style brochures to hand, so you can compare the floorplan and photographs easily.

So next time you’re browsing Rightmove, look out for the estate agents who name their photos: or maybe it’s just us?

if you’d like to watch a super-quick video on this topic, click here.

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