Should you change your kitchen when you’re selling your house?

Should you change your kitchen when you’re selling your house blogpost by AshdownJones estate agents in the Lakes and Dales

Here’s a question we get asked a lot at AshdownJones. Followed by ‘should we change our bathroom?’ and ‘is this carpet ok?’

Of course, it’s not easy to generalise when we haven’t been invited to see your house (hint, hint). But we can give you some typical answers that you may want to confirm with us, via photos of your home, or an actual visit, (two teas please, no sugar)

Should you change your kitchen?

Usually this is a no. Even if it’s sorely in need of an update. In fact, especially if it is. You see, the viewers will simply ignore your cabinets and imagine their own new, gleaming replacement. The worse it is, the easier it is for viewers to simply look at the space, examine the floorplan, and make plans to change it all.

If however your kitchen is only a little dated, our answer may be more complex. For example, if your kitchen cabinets are fine, but your handles and work surfaces are looking way past their sell-by date, now would be a good time to update them. Your property photographs will thank you. Also, if your kitchen is dated AND you have a carpet laid in there, leave the kitchen, and replace the carpet with cheap but modern lino. I appreciate we haven’t given you a straightforward answer, but if you email us a picture of your kitchen, I promise we can get into the specifics.

Should we rip out our bathroom?

Here, it’s a pretty straightforward ‘no’. It’s just not worth the expense. Our only caveat is that if your bathroom has been adapted in some way for someone infirm, it probably needs to have those elements removed. Unless of course you’re still using them

Should we change our carpets?

Our answer is almost always yes to this question. But let’s give you some specifics:

  1. If your carpet is neutral but worn, it’s probably ok.
  2. If your carpet is coloured, even if it’s new, it probably needs replacing (sorry).
  3. If your carpet is patterned, it definitely needs replacing.
  4. If your carpet is in your kitchen, bathroom or downstairs loo, get rid and replace with a hard floor.

Should we change our suite?

Are you planning on buying a new suite when you move? If so, yes, best to do it now. Changes are that your taste in suites has changed over the years, and that your new suite will be more modern in style and colour. If you do it now, it’ll make the photos look more attractive and your house will show better to viewers.

Should we change our beds?

Probably not. They’re usually fine as they are. If you have a particularly old bedhead on a divan, maybe take it off, and leave the bed without one. Otherwise, a nicely dressed bed will probably hide its sins

Should we buy new bedding?

Probably, yes. Photographs and viewers (and your estate agent) love plain, light bedding. White and cream without frills will always look better and give your bedrooms a hotel quality

Should we buy new cushions?

Probably, yes. If your cushions are more than five years old, they’re probably starting to look dated, and maybe even a bit sorry for themselves. Next do lovely ranges of cushions, and they can do wonders for a slightly fading suite.

Should we buy new curtains?

Almost certainly not. But if you have swags and tails, or net curtain, then take those down

Should we redecorate?

Dated wallpaper doesn’t go down well, but if you have coloured walls, we’d hesitate to tell you to repaint them all builder’s magnolia. Your home still needs to have a personality, particularly if it’s a unique home.

These are the main questions we get asked, but if you have any more, we’d love to hear from you.

Pop your questions over to us here or call us on 015394 88811 and we’ll see if we can save you some money – all the more to spend on your new home.

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