6 1/2 Simple styling secrets – to make a buyer fall in love with your home

6 1/2 Simple styling secrets - to make a buyer fall in love with your home blogpost by AshdownJones estate agents in the Lakes and Dales

You know your home looks good. You’ve chosen your estate agent, the photographer’s booked and you’re ready to launch.

But is there something missing….?

Let us help you transform your home from ‘market ready’ to ‘market ravishing’ with our home styling tips.

So, what is home styling?

Home styling is ‘fine-tuning’ your home so a buyer can imagine themselves living there.

Did you know that home styling can boost the number of viewings you get? The Home Staging Association reports styled homes are likely to sell three times faster than non-styled homes.

Our six (and a half) simple styling secrets guarantee to give your listing that ‘show home sparkle’.

Styling Secret #1: Scatter cosy cushions

For a great styling secret that won’t cost you the earth, start with cushions and pillows.

Pillows and cushions feature in rooms across the house. Learn the psychology behind cushion placement to transform your home.

Bedrooms are places in which we sleep and living rooms are where we lounge, stretch out and relax. As such, styling pillows and styling cushions need different approaches.

Three is the magic number and this works throughout our styling tips.

In the bedroom, keep it simple and laid back. Layer three sizes of pillows and cushions for effect. Start with crisp white pillows at the back followed by a contrasting cushion at the front. On point for hotel-style glamour.

Buyers love easy, neutral tones in living rooms, so if you love colour, save it for your cushions and throws. And if you haven’t updated your cushions and throws for a few years, now might be the time to treat yourself.

Styling Secret #2: Bowl them over with fruit

Food for thought…why not influence buyers with bowls of fruit?

Apples are a winning choice for several reasons:

  • Cost – apples are a bargain fruit, selling for as little as 10p!
  • Freshness – apples tend to stay fresh and attractive much longer than other fruits. This means you won’t have to make extra shopping trips to freshen up your display. (Top tip – when not on display, store them in the fridge to extend their appeal by weeks).
  • Symbolism – bright reds and greens are more than eye catching; they also symbolise health and vitality.

Also try oranges, or lemons and limes. But keep to only one or two varieties for maximum style and impact.

Styling Secret #3: Freshen up with flowers

Keep it simple, fresh and in keeping with the character of your home.

Remember to keep things balanced when it comes to home styling. Decide between a bowl of juicy Granny Smiths and a vase of sunflowers, instead of both.

Choose the right floral display for each area. A hand-picked posy is perfect for a country kitchen. Tall, tasteful lilies add elegance to a large dining table. Don’t forget bedrooms too – a mini-vase on a bedside table with a small sprig of seasonal flowers is a lovely touch.

Top tip: make sure to snip off the pollen from the stamens. Not only will this prevent stains, but it will keep your lilies flowering longer

Styling Secret #4: Tasteful toiletries

Don’t have the funds for a big-budget bathroom makeover? Don’t worry. Why waste money you could be spending on your dream home renovating the one you are selling?

Accessorising your bathroom can be simple, low-cost and fun.

Cast some mood lighting with scented candles. Grouped in glass holders by the bath and in alcoves, this looks great. Ensure they are lit for viewings to create a soothing atmosphere.

Pack your regular toiletries away out of sight. Indulge in luxury versions, for viewings only. The White Company and Molton Brown are both brands that have viewer appeal.

Styling Secret #5: Fresh towels

Freshen up the whole bathroom with new towels. Treat yourself to a set of brand-new white ‘viewings only’ towels and ask the family not to touch.

Check out photos of hotel bathrooms for ideas of how to present your fluffy white towels. Rolled or folded both work well and add a styled feel.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, there are many options. In smaller spaces, drape a folded towel over the rail.

Larger bathroom with fitted-furniture? These look great with a pyramid of rolled flannels stacked on the shelf.

Remember to stick to the rule of three on heated towel rails. Large bath sheet, medium bath towel, small hand towel.

Styling Secret #6: Add a rug

Play about with rugs to emphasise different areas of your home’s open-plan spaces. Placing a soft, fluffy rug in a living area helps to create a sense of relaxation and comfort. A hard-wearing rug under a table can define a dining area. If your rugs have seen better days, it may be time for an upgrade. After all, you can take them with you to your new home.

Styling Secret #6 ½: ask a friend!

Invite a trusted friend to be your home’s harshest critic, and to walk around with you as if they were a viewer. What jars, or stands out for the wrong reasons? Are any areas wasted, or cluttered? Do any rooms smell less fresh than you’d like? Ask your friend to be blunt, because your viewers will be. Listen with an open mind and make the changes they suggest; it could win you the sale.

If you want more tips on home styling, or are thinking about getting your home ready to go on the market, we’d love to hear from you – call us for a chat on 015394 88811, or send us an email at team@ashdownjones.co.uk. Whatever your plans, chatting them through, confidentially, can help.  We’d be proud to be part of your moving journey.

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