Essential home styling accessories for selling your home

Essential home styling accessories for selling your home blogpost by AshdownJones estate agents in the Lakes and Dales

If you’re serious about selling your home, you know it needs to look just right. Before the door is opened, and potential buyers are welcomed in to take a tour, everything must be just so. But after investing hours of cleaning, dusting and decluttering, is each space still looking a little unpolished?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, and actually, the finishing touches are surprisingly simple when you know the secrets. Home styling is like sending your home to the hairdressers’, and popping on a sleek new outfit. It’s not arduous in the slightest, in fact, it’s rather enjoyable. And by choosing the right home styling accessories, you’ll catch the eye of the right family. Since first impressions count, we’re focusing on the downstairs, so here’s how to accessorise your ground floor in three easy steps!

Step One: The Entrance

When we step inside a new home, our senses do a dance. Sometimes it’s a happy jig, and at other times, it’s a tragic ballet. When families open your door, every sense needs to smile, and they need to work in harmony. So how do we accessorise to please our senses? Well, it’s all about creating an atmosphere. And since hearing is the fastest sense, let’s start with sound. When opening your door, imagine being welcomed inside to the tune of soothing background music. Something gentle and calming will set the tone of the home, and it’ll encourage buyers to linger too. Browse through Spotify, and choose a playlist that takes you back to your favourite spa retreat.

Next comes sight, so if your entrance can accommodate a vase or two, position fresh flowers so that they are on show as you open the front door. Buyers will thank you for the natural scent, and a pastel speckling of the outside brightens any hallway. Think about the style of your home before you choose your bunch, though. Describe your home to your local florist, and they’ll tell you whether a silk magnolia accent or calla lily is best suited to complement the architecture and mood of your home.

If your entrance can’t accommodate a vase and stand naturally, use small incense sticks instead. The Body Shop’s oil diffusers offer an indulgent selection of choice, and their ‘Aloe and Soft Linen’ is a particularly elegant scent. If you prefer something with more floral tones, try their ‘Jasmine & White Frangipani Home Fragrance Oil’ blend; it’s fresh and inviting, and their complementary ‘Spritz’ collection allows you to gently spray your whole home in the same scent. Take a look at the range here.

Step Two: The Living Room

When we make the decision to sell, it’s easy to disconnect with our familiar surroundings. You can’t wait to dress your new home, so buying new accessories for your existing home seems pointless. But there is a point. Because without a little preening, rooms start to look unloved fast.  So if you’re thinking of buying a new suite for your new home, you’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean that your existing suite has to look tired in the meantime. A lifeless home is off-putting, and although you’re ready to move on, your home needs to look its best to attract the right new family. And since seating takes up a considerable amount of living room space, it’s often one of the first things people notice. Yes, the suite doesn’t come with the home, but it’s key to creating a welcoming family and entertaining space. And with a few clever tricks, your old suite can transform a tired room too.

Take cushions for example. A few plump additions scattered add texture, colour and warmth; they hide a faded suite too. If your suite wears the marks of children and pets, you may consider a throw or two to hide any scuffs. Head to the Next site for inspiration; their collections pair complementary cushions and throws for your convenience, so you can spruce your entire living room in just a few clicks. Opt for soft, calming colours or perhaps consider an indulgent textural fur combo if your living space is in need of some warmth.

When you choose a style you like, don’t forget to browse the entire range; their collections are designed to make home styling a breeze, so each collection includes complementary cushions, curtains, and rugs. It makes accessorising any room quick and easy, and it’ll make potential buyers feel like they’re walking into a homeware magazine!

But why spend when you’re planning to move? Well, accessories can transform a space, but they’re easy to pack up and move to your new home too. So when you do move, you’ll have all your accessories ready to make your new home cosy.

Step Three: The Kitchen

Accessorising the kitchen is easy. This space is all about eating, entertaining and family time, so food is a great place to start. If your kitchen is modern and sleek, try removing everything from the table, and placing a big bowl in the centre; fill it with just one type of fresh fruit- oranges, green apples or lemons look particularly elegant, and create a sharp minimalist look. If you’ve mastered a kitsch country style, try the same technique, but instead place a delicate pot of hand-tied at the centre.

If possible, try to remove appliances off the kitchen surfaces; keeping the sides uncovered creates the feeling of space, but a few carefully placed accessories can add an elegant touch of personality. Check out the homeware range from The White Company and see how their home accessories can add a touch of simple but elegant luxury to a home.

Now let’s take a look at your kitchen linen. Oven mitts and tea towels can add personality and colour without overpowering a neutral colour scheme. We like the homeware range by John Lewise, take a look here

Oh, and here’s a final top tip: put your accessories on show just before a viewing, and fold them all away carefully once a buyer leaves. Don’t forget to remind your family that the kitchen linen is for display only too!

So, if you’re ready to sell, we’d love to get you moving. Just call us on 015394 88811 or drop us a line at, and we’ll help find the right buyer for your home.

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