Finding the right estate agent: The search begins

Finding the right estate agent: The search begins blogpost by AshdownJones estate agents in the Lakes and Dales

When the time comes to find an estate agent, you’re spoilt for choice. Almost too much choice. Experience, skills and services differ drastically from agent to agent, and sometimes, it’s difficult to know what you’re actually looking for. So, if you’ve found yourself drowning in information, don’t fret. We’re here to help you take a deep breath, and find that one gem of an agent. Let’s start by narrowing down the search.

The People

Take a mooch on a few local estate agents’ websites; when you’ve found one that catches your eye, call to hear a little more. The person who answers your call will introduce themselves, and as you talk, listen to your instincts. If you warm to them instantly, you’re on to a great start.

If the conversation was enjoyable, pop into the office; if an agent cares, they’ll take the time to share a coffee, and to get to know you; it may seem like just a nice, pleasant introduction, but if the agent is sassy, they’ll already be thinking of ways to appeal to potential buyers. Give them all the weird and wonderful details about your home, because if they have any steak of creativity, they’ll be planning a tailored strategy to sell your home.

The Creativity

Being flexible and adaptable, and having a creative flair makes an estate agent different. It’s an industry that’s survived on stale marketing and dull conversation for a long time, so a little personality is refreshing. It’s also great for selling homes too.

With time, people change, and the way we communicate adapts too. The way we sell homes has to keep up, because trying to sell homes the old way will leave you stuck in the past. It will also leave you stuck in your present home. So, if you want to get moving, you need an agent that is savvy enough to catch the eye of potential buyers.

This is particularly true when selling unique homes. So if an agent is leading the way with social and online marketing, and they can show you original ways to market your home, you’ve found a gem.

The Knowledge

All estate agents mooch on public databases and national statistics before pricing a home. They provide up-to-date statistics at the click of a button, and can help inform a realistic figure. But there are limitations. These databases are great for new build developments, or homes that are somewhat generic. But they’re not great for unique homes.

With extra special homes, knowledge is key to selling your home. And that’s a human-kind of knowledge, not facts that can be found on a computer screen. Drawing on experience, understanding the local area, and being guided by a little instinct is the way to price a unique home. And by choosing the right estate agent, you’ll have a team on hand that lives and breathes the area. They’ll know what lifestyle potential buyers want to live, and they’ll lean on their innovative marketing methods to make it appealing to them.

The Learning

Here’s a secret: great estate agents are great marketers. But unique homes need unique marketers. That is a team that is the best at what they do, and embraces new ideas. Why? Because the way people search for homes changes, and if an estate agent can’t keep up, their homes will remain unsold.

Our team attends marketing conferences worldwide, and we love bringing the latest theories and practises to the Lakes. Being at the forefront of social and content marketing sells our homes, and we love that we can help other estate agents by sharing our knowledge too. So, if you want to sell your unique home, be sure to choose an estate agent that is specialised in unique homes, and has the marketing knowledge to stir up a stream of viewings.

The Support

You know how beautiful your home is. It’s a sanctuary that’s been cherished by your family, and the memories you’ve made there are everlasting. But unfortunately, other families will not associate your home with this sense of nostalgia; once on Rightmove, your home will become just another thumbnail picture in a stream of, well, thumbnail pictures. So how can we capture people’s attention and separate your home from the masses? To make people pause, and stop them from scrolling past your home, you need innovative marketing.

Let’s take property descriptions, for example. Most look a little like this: ‘ESTATE AGENTS are delighted to offer this **INSERT BEDROOMS** property to the market in **INSERT LOCATION**…’ Now let’s compare it to one of ours:

Do you want to own a piece of Lake District history? Come with us to discover the charming Colton House in the Rusland Valley.’

Considered, thoughtful words take time to write, but they are remembered. And professionally written property descriptions are the most effective way to help people picture their family in the home too.

Property descriptions aren’t usually known for their poetic prose; they’re often functional, and at times, a little cold. These generic, copy-and-pasted descriptions go no way towards selling a home. Because who wants a home like everyone else’s, and why will a ‘double aspect’ benefit anyone anyway? Instead of describing ‘what’ is inside the home, great copywriting describes ‘why’ and ‘how’ the home will improve a family’s lifestyle. It takes time to write a personal description, and it’s a skill that’s tricky to master, but that’s why you surround yourself with a team of professionals.

When a home description is thoughtful and personal, it stands out from the masses, and shows the individual character of the home. It helps people envision the lifestyle they can lead; because when we tap into people’s emotions, we can tap a ‘sold sign’ into the front garden too.

So, if you’re ready to sell your home, and enjoy the experience too, please call Sam or Phil on 015394 88811, or drop us a line at; a five-minute call might be just what you need to make your decision!

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