The unique agent, for unique homes

The unique agent, for unique homes blogpost by AshdownJones estate agents in the Lakes and Dales

Unique homes are a joy.

They’re different, unusual and characterful, but when the time comes to sell, they require extra special marketing too. And that makes choosing between a traditional estate agent, and an innovative alternative, a little tricky. Both tick boxes, but choosing just one feels like a compromise. And no one really likes compromise. So, have you considered an alternative? Because what you may need is a unique estate agent. This is a team that fuses innovative marketing with a truly memorable experience – for all the right reasons. And guess what? You’ve found them! After this two-minute read, you’ll see how our traditional yet innovative approach sells beautiful homes, and makes the journey enjoyable for you too.

So, what’s the difference between an innovative and traditional estate agent? Well, a lot of things, but mostly it’s the way they think. One embraces new ideas, and the other prefers the tried and tested. Innovation is synonymous with new-thinking; it’s associated with progression and fresh ideas, and with Rightmove bursting with homes, clever marketing is key to selling. Tradition, on the other hand, prefers to stick to the good old methods. And whilst that’s not great for marketing, the old-school human touches can go a long way to selling a house too.

There are two questions that you need to keep in mind when selling your home:

1. Has this team got the skills, experience and sass to market my home in today’s saturated marketplace. That’s the innovation.2. Will I enjoy working with them? Cue the experience

Making sure that your estate agent is leading the way in innovative marketing will help position your home at the top of the pile, but enjoying the selling experience is important too. So we need to find a balance; enter the Unique Agent.

Unique agents say hi differently

Let’s start with the ‘hello.’ It’s a customary, everyday greeting, but it’s surprising how different the humble ‘hi’ can be. Maybe you’re mooching on an estate agents website, and you like what you see. Naturally, you want to make contact, and you want to find out if the faces behind the website are people you’d enjoy teaming up with.

So you make a coffee, find a comfy spot in your lounge, and pick up the phone. A quick 5-minute call is all you need; by hearing someone’s voice, you’ll get an instant feeling. First impressions are important, and the opening conversation will give you a pretty good idea if you’d enjoy working together.

If their telephone ‘hi’ passes the test, see if their portfolio’s ‘hi’ checks out too. Head to Rightmove, and search for homes listed by the agent. If the heading descriptions all sound the same, be unimpressed. Because everyone else viewing the listing will be too. People fall in love with a home that is special, and to stand out, the Rightmove listing needs to encapsulate all the wonderful qualities of your home in one unforgettable heading. But since estate agents aren’t usually wordsmiths, innovative estate agents know that having a copywriter on hand is key.

Unique agents have experience, data and sass

Never be afraid to pick an estate agents brain. They love talking all things houses, and you need to find out how much they know about selling in your local area. Because the more knowledge and experience they have, the faster they’ll sell your home. They should make you feel at ease, reassure you, and answer all of your questions with confidence. And if they have some bounce in their voice, even better.

Selling your home is exciting, but it takes time, so choose a team that will add smiles to your journey. For this, they need to love what they do; if you can feel the agent’s enthusiasm, you know they’ll make every effort to sell your home. And they’ll do all the extra touches to make the process easy and enjoyable for you too. Because estate agents can sprinkle magic, if you find the right one.

The Unique Agent loves all things unique

You know your home is special. But with so many other homes for sale, how do we show other families that too? Well, before the ‘For Sale’ sign is hung in your front garden, a careful plan needs to be penned. If you’re talking to a sassy agent, they’ll wow you with bespoke marketing strategies, and they’ll know how to catch the eye of potential buyers. They’ll by-pass any generic, and you’ll see creativity in their approach. They’ll think of interesting ways to show your homes personality, and their enthusiasm and ideas should excite you.

When selling with a unique agent, you’re indulged with time, choice, and local knowledge; you work closely together, and it’s a personal experience. So from innovative marketing, to passing a tissue at the sight of a happy tear, with a unique agent, you’ll get the best of innovation and tradition.

If you’re ready to team up with a unique agent, we’d love to hear from you. Just call Sam or Phil on 015394 88811 or drop us a line at We’re looking forward to taking your call!

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